My God! I’m Passive Aggressive

passive aggressiveIt hit me today. I was talking to a friend about her passive aggressive tendencies and we clicked so much around it. I found myself identifying with just about everything she was admitting about herself.

And then I felt awful…but strangely thrilled too. Not because I had discovered a liberating new insight…but sadistically giggly because I’ve been pulling this shit for decades and it feels good to be vindictive!

And then I cried because that’s evil, basically.

Passive aggressive behavior is wrong on so many levels. It’s unfair to pretend to be in agreement and then screw someone over behind their back. Sneaky. Mean. It feels so devious and…thrilling.

I don’t have my mind around it yet, so my goal is dive into it and really learn what I’m doing. I’m passive aggressive for sure. I just need to x-ray the issue.

A list of signs that one is passive aggressive (for now)

Sulks a lot
Feigns agreement
Prone to Shame
Stuffs feelings
Hates expectations
Loves vindication


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