How Conversation Can Heal Emotional Wounds

healing emotional wounds

Healing emotional wounds.

There are therapists. There are life coaches. And so many people are becoming life coaches nowadays.

It’s all the rage to find your purpose in helping others.

Looks like we all want to get paid to talk to each other:) And what’s the point of such conversations?

  • To move your life forward.
  • To heal emotional wounds.
  • To be validated.

I submit that emotional wounds do more to hold us back than any other issue. If life coaches and therapists know how to talk to people so that they heal these wounds, they are earning their money.

How do we heal emotional wounds through conversation?

This is a question for the ages, is it not?

Sigmund Freud was among the first to promote conversational healing. At the time, he was ridiculed and accused of intending nothing beyond seducing young women. People were terrified of Freud. To many, he was nothing more than a charlatan – a devil worshipper.


I suggest that most people want nothing more than to avoid their emotional wounds. And here comes Freud, who encouraged people to expose them in front of another human being. Talk about your inner angst? Mention your crazy-sounding thoughts? Mention that you hate your parents? Blasphemy!

Can we heal emotional wounds by talking about them?

Yes. I can cite studies. Naysayers could cite their own studies. And no one would have any individual proof regardless. Instead of worrying about the objective truth, let’s bring this issue down to simple life experiences that we’ve all had.

Have you ever?

Been angry at someone and then they sincerely apologized? Have you experienced the spontaneous letting go that happens when someone makes themselves vulnerable enough to ask your forgiveness?

I’m guessing you have. This is healing through conversation in the strictest sense.

Have you ever?

Been scared to do something unfamiliar until someone educated you about it? I was terrified to take the helm of a large ship at one point. Then, the captain explained how to do it in detail. I realized it was so much simpler than I’d imagined.

The captain also reminded me that he’d be right there in case I had any questions and assured me no question was a bad one. I relaxed and took the helm.

Have you ever?

Felt odd, awkward, or alone and told someone about it who felt the same way? Suddenly, you realize that you are NOT alone (or crazy). Knowing a fellow human being is going through the same thing is comforting and you learn this through….conversation.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Conversation heals. The right conversation can change the course of life. How many people recall key moments in life when someone intervened and it changed everything?

This couldn’t happen without conversation.

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